The Declaration to The National State of Affairs by Bloggers in Korea

Proclaimed to the Public Enemy No.1, The Rat


Declared by Joon H. Park

English Translation by Joon H. Park

Originally Written in Korean by Mongyangbuhwal[dangun76]


The Oppressor and the loved "Poodle" to Japs king Akihito(monkey at right),Lee Myoung Bak(monkey at left), 17th President of Korea.

The Most ashamed president ever in the national history of Korea.


01. [The Right of Free Expression in the Internet]

The National Constitution of the Republic of Korea, Section 21st guarantees for the basic human right of freedom of expression. 


However,Lee administrative oppresses as well as infringes upon freedom ofexpression in the internet through abuse and misuse of the presentnational law and its social systems. 


Hereupon,we demand of the full right of freedom of expression in the internetand guarantee that the government will minimize the abusing as well asmisusing the national legal power on the people of Korea.


02. [The Freedom of Assembly and Demonstration]

The National Constitution of the Republic of Korea, Section 21st guarantees for assembly and demonstration as well as association as for the basic human rights. 


However,Lee administrative oppresses and infringes upon of freedom of assemblyand demonstration as it is assumed that such peaceful activities getinto a stage of violent.  Furthermore, there is no single evidence ofdoing any violent assembly and demonstration as Lee administrativeimagined.


Lee administrative titled this world first invented methodology of oppression and infringement towards own people of Korea as called “Pre-Censorship and Inclusion.” 


Democracyhas been supported upon freedom of assembly and demonstration as it isthe essential supplementary system to the parliamentary government. 


Hereupon, the people of Korea demand freedom of assembly and demonstration in both in the lively society as well as in the internet, today.


03. [Economic Democratization]

The National Constitution of the Republic of Korea, Article 119th Section 2ndguarantee for economic democratization in order to prevent of abuse andmisuse of national economic growth, optimal distribution of income,domestic monopolistic market and financial strength. 


However,Lee administrative makes uneven the power of wealth, worsening ofdistribution of wealth through all aspects of social as well as day byday basis. 


Lee administrative also refused to protect, guarantee and secure of the social minors as well as the weak. 


Hereupon, the people of Koreademand of Lee administrative to comply lofty sprits of 1987democratization to the economic democratization with it’s’ articles andclauses.  The people of Korea also demand for in deep inspection of present national economical policies from the root.

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